Future Pacing in Action The traditional wording for future pacing is “go to a time in your future when this lack of acceptance would have been a problem and see if you can find it or maybe you cannot.” I … Continue reading

Joint Past Life Regression

Ruth, a writer in her late thirties, and her husband Stan, came for a joint past life session. At their request I hypnotized them as they held hands. I directed them to enter a lifetime that gave them information about … Continue reading

The Magic of Metaphors: Finding the Side Door

Storytelling is extremely powerful. When we want to understand something we can ask two different questions. “How does it work?” Or we can ask, “What’s the story?” The difference is that an explanation will analyze, dissect, show principles, rules or … Continue reading

Using Your Intuition

Intuition is an extrasensory perception of something that you should or shouldn’t do without any substantial proof, often accompanied by a noticeable physical response. Simply stated, intuition is direct knowledge. We’re all born with intuition as well as intelligence. Your … Continue reading


Client’s presenting issue 15 year old “Andy” is brought is by his mother. She has a list of his issues: procrastination, not following through after setting a goal, lazy, spends too much time online and playing electronic games, doesn’t like … Continue reading