Joint Past Life Regression

Ruth, a writer in her late thirties, and her husband Stan, came for a joint past life session. At their request I hypnotized them as they held hands. I directed them to enter a lifetime that gave them information about their current difficulties. I then asked Ruth to identify her surroundings, which she did with ease. Next, I asked Stan to describe his surroundings and identify himself. He reported that he was a time traveler from another universe and also that he was very powerful. I asked if Ruth was in that lifetime with him.

He recognized her and also knew that they had always been together. He went on to report that he and Ruth had bargained in that life. She agreed to stay with him forever. There was, however, a part of the bargain that Ruth did not understand when she agreed to be his partner through time. The missing piece was that she agreed to let him block her family from following them to the new planet. He was fearful that her family would interfere in their relationship.

At this point, Ruth began questioning Stan. Did he not believe that she would learn to stand up to her family and stay with him? She had agreed to stay with him throughout time because that is what she wanted. She would have stayed, she explained to Stan, whether or not they had made the bargain. As they discussed the situation in light of new information and understanding, it became clear to Stan that he was wrong to have made the assumption that a bargain was necessary to prevent Ruth’s family from following. He apologized for that long-ago decision, and they both agreed to dissolve the pact made in that life.

Whether a past life or simply a metaphor, Ruth’s underlying anger throughout her twenty-one year marriage could now be understood and released. Ruth continued to resolve her anger at Stan through private sessions and group work.

Copyright 2015 Katherine Zimmerman

Extracted from Finding Your True Self (out of print)

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