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This is one of my stories about connecting with Spirit. “Sara” recognized that it was time to make some positive changes in her life. In the interview she related her struggles with meth-amphetamines, alcohol, and smoking. She expressed a strong desire to lead a healthier life. Sara told me that she does believe in God. Right before I began the hypnotic induction I heard myself say, “You know, Sara, God is in the room with us right now.” There was a presence standing behind my right shoulder at that moment that was, and still is, beyond description. Tears filled my eyes and a chill swept over my body. Sara had tears as well. I then felt compelled to add, “God has great plans for your life.” Sara had a breakthrough session.

I wrote this article in 2006. Since that time more spiritual connections have unfolded in my life.

Since that experience I have spent many hours in meditation, longing to feel that presence again. And several times, I did. But most of the time I searched for a repeat connection. With the help of my friend Barbara, a licensed Unity teacher, I finally realized that Spirit had integrated into my life so fully that rather than being a separate entity, I now feel that presence coming from within.

As I look back over the years since the initial experience, I have wondered how I made the connection at all. It’s really rather simple. I was recovering from surgery and had just spent an entire month at home, not working. My days were spent reading, trancing (meditation or self hypnosis) and being with myself. Naturally, my focus turned inward. And the results were astonishing. I had a second major surgery in 2003… another month off work… which has again deepened my spiritual connection.

As the Masters have taught, we are a physical expression of Spirit. I am living with a new perspective these days. Sure, the car still needs to be serviced and the bills paid, but I notice that life flows more easily as I learn to live in alignment with my spiritual nature. Just yesterday in a private session I was strongly guided to mention nutrition to a client along with working on resolving her emotional issues. Her husband thanked me after the session as he has also felt that nutrition was a factor in her recent behavior.

I teach several classes that help students to align with Spirit: Self Hypnosis Training and Spirit Circle. Look for similar classes in your area.

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