Perfectionism leading to anxiety

This delightful 20-year old reported that she’d always had anxiety/depression. Although she admitted it had been worse in the last few years. She finds school stressful although she has a solid career/education plan. When I worked with her two years … Continue reading

Circle of Possibilities with Hypnosis-NLP

From Hypnotherapy Scripts, Vol. 5 Here’s an example of how this combining hypnosis with NLP unfolded for one of my clients. Client’s goal: Focus on possibilities . Keep a positive financial mind set. Following induction and deepener… I asked my … Continue reading

Essential Steps for Mind/Body Balance

by Katherine Zimmerman As a culture we are hell-bent on accomplishing tasks, aren’t we? We strive to be more productive, to book a few more activities, to achieve one more goal, see one more movie, read all the books that … Continue reading

We Are Complex Creatures with Many Parts

Part therapy is an incredibly effective method for making permanent changes. In the session that follows you can see how the process unfolded for this client. Having worked with this clients off and on for a couple of years I’m … Continue reading

Answers from Spirit

This is one of my stories about connecting with Spirit. “Sara” recognized that it was time to make some positive changes in her life. In the interview she related her struggles with meth-amphetamines, alcohol, and smoking. She expressed a strong … Continue reading

Saying ‘Yes’ to God

Years ago, our Unity minister spoke about his friend who is a Rabbi. In answer to a question about his prayer life, the Rabbi said that he didn’t pray any more… he just says yes to God. I’ve thought about … Continue reading

Claiming Your Space

By Katherine Zimmerman After much discussion, this client’s goal translated into claiming her space, starting with claiming her internal space and feeling comfortable in her body. I’m always fascinated at how we can start a process and follow the client’s … Continue reading

Working with this client is always delightful. She is a licensed practitioner at a local spiritual center. As she is studying to become a minister, she’s finding that new issues are bubbling to the surface. She described her issue with … Continue reading