Using Your Intuition

Intuition is an extrasensory perception of something that you should or shouldn’t do without any substantial proof, often accompanied by a noticeable physical response. Simply stated, intuition is direct knowledge. We’re all born with intuition as well as intelligence. Your … Continue reading


Client’s presenting issue 15 year old “Andy” is brought is by his mother. She has a list of his issues: procrastination, not following through after setting a goal, lazy, spends too much time online and playing electronic games, doesn’t like … Continue reading

Hypnosis case study: Can’t accept love

Client’s presenting issue “Laura” wants a close, lasting relationship but tells me that she believes that men will always disappoint her so she doesn’t count on being close to men. She believes that they won’t follow through on their promises. … Continue reading

Selling Your Hypnotherapy Products

Excerpt from Business Solutions: Build Your Successful Holistic Practice Copyright 2012 Katherine Zimmerman All Rights Reserved CDs/books/ music/essential oils Clients appreciate having hypnotherapy products and other tools to support the work that they are doing with you. Especially when you … Continue reading

Cut Cords – the Ties That Bind

Originally posted in the August 2013 TranceTime Newsletter. It’s natural to create an energetic connection to others. We cord metaphorically to friends, siblings, parents, children, habits, emotional patterns, addictive substances, belief systems, money, ways of life and so on. While … Continue reading

Parts Therapy in Action – Using Submodalities

Parts therapy is one of the most powerful modalities in my toolbox. We all have parts. I’m not referring to body parts here but parts of our personality. Have you ever said to someone, “a part of me really wants … Continue reading

Just Ask

This article is from my November newsletter. If you would like to receive the full newsletter, you can sign up for my list on the first page of this site. You will receive a monthly newsletter and quarterly What’s on … Continue reading