Right From the Heart

It’s been just over a year since I uprooted my whole life and moved to San Diego. And what a journey it’s been. I felt completely disoriented for at least four months. Leaving the house for anything other than groceries … Continue reading

Develop Your Inner Teacher

Speaking of intuition (in my last blog), if you practice self hypnosis or meditate, start requesting help from your subconscious. For those of you in other holistic fields, find a qualified hypnotherapist and request a trade to learn self hypnosis. … Continue reading

Build your practice by teaching

I have been teaching since 1989. I like teaching because I get to do most of the talking, I get to tell people what to do, and my students laugh at my jokes!  When I completed hypnotherapy school, I faced … Continue reading

Are Your Walls Guarded by Dragons?

This article and free script is from a previous newsletter. If you would like to receive the full newsletter, you can sign up for my list on the first page of this site. You will receive a monthly newsletter. What … Continue reading

How do I start my practice?

I was talking to a delightful and recent hypnotherapy graduate today. I’m starting to mentor her as I do with many who are new to this wonderful profession. She asked me a question that I’ve been hearing for years and … Continue reading

Learning builds brain cells

I just had my first lesson in the upkeep on this new site. (built in Word Press.) It all seems fairly easy — at least to my webmaster. <grin> It’s great to have something new to learn. It will keep … Continue reading