Circle of Possibilities with Hypnosis-NLP

From Hypnotherapy Scripts, Vol. 5

Here’s an example of how this combining hypnosis with NLP unfolded for one of my clients.

Client’s goal: Focus on possibilities . Keep a positive financial mind set.

Following induction and deepener…
I asked my client to imagine a circle out in front. Then I had her add one item at a time to the circle. For example this client added growing her business. The symbol was a mountain. I asked her to place the mountain wherever she wanted within the circle.Next she added creativity which was represented by pen and paper.

Meeting new people followed, symbolized as a small group.
An angel symbolized helping people improve their lives.
Another angel represented helping people improve their lives.

Finally, I asked her how she could tie these elements together. Listening to her guides would accomplish that and the symbol, one of meditating.

The final piece was to add something to represent a positive financial mind set. She added several role models. When asked, trust was the only element missing. Once again, the symbol was an angel.
What energy does the circle emanate for this client? Strength. When she stepped in she felt inspired. I directed her to walk around the inside of the circle staying close to the edge, then asked her to move freely about this space and explore.

She didn’t feel it necessary to include anything else and told her that she felt uplifted inside the circle. Because her circle included a mountain I asked her to move to the top peak and asked what she could see or know about her future. She could see herself reaching more people. The advice from her future self was simply to “keep going.”

All the symbols in her circle will now deepen and strengthen these qualities whether she recognizes them consciously or subconsciously.

Here is an outline of this hypnosis and NLP process.

Outline for Circle of Possibilities
Establish client’s goalhypnosis, nlp
Induce hypnosis and deepen
• Ask client to imagine a circle in front of them.
• One at a time, ask them to add what they want into the circle.
• Each time ask for a symbol. Have them make the symbol as vivid as is fitting for them.
• Ask
What would tie this all together?
What is that symbol?
Is there anything missing?
How does the circle feel from the outside?
• Step in
How does the client feel once they have stepped into the circle?
• Direct
Rise up and out into the future (or to the top of the mountain). Ask what they see or know or feel from that perspective.
Any advice for current self?
Bring that back into current time.
• Ask
Is there anything else that you need in order to feel complete with this process?
What’s possible now that hasn’t been possible before?
• Re-alert

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All rights reserved

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