Claiming Your Space

By Katherine Zimmerman

After much discussion, this client’s goal translated into claiming her space, starting with claiming her internal space and feeling comfortable in her body. I’m always fascinated at how we can start a process and follow the client’s lead to their highest and best outcome. You’ll notice that claiming her internal space generalized into also claiming her home space.

Following the induction, I used a more creative count down to one:
So begin that descent now into peace, tranquility and to your space of knowing your own truth. Beginning with ten. Step down. Nine. Deeper. Even deeper, let yourself go. Eight. Feeling yourself more peaceful with every step you take. Seven. Your body feeling light and refreshed. Six. Your mind opening to that knowing what’s right for you next. Five. Half way there now. When I reach the count of one you’ll be right there. At the threshold to your sanctuary. It’s a magical place. Four. A place to be in touch, to listen, to feel. Three. Moving closer and closer now.

Two. Almost down to that perfect land of serenity. And number one. Connecting with your serene knowing. Your inner confidence. Set aside all events that have created this disharmony in your life. It’s like taking off a coat, and in the pocket of each coat is an event that has brought disharmony, disruption. Set that coat aside. Step into your sanctuary free, clear, open, safe. Your sanctuary may be indoors or outdoors. It is the perfect place to be alone with yourself, with your thoughts, with your inner knowing. It’s a magical place. All things are possible in this place. So as you look around in your mind and experience that sanctuary, let every detail, every color, deepen your feelings of peace.

Marlene described her sanctuary as a garden, encased in glass. She loved being there and I suggested that she could feel every part of her body, her mind, her heart, and her spirit.
This was the perfect place to get in touch with what her body wanted, to give her body a voice. So, I invited the parts of Marlene’s body that have information, requests and messages for her, to show up in her garden. Her bottom torso and butt showed up first stating that it wanted to start walking. As the conversation unfolded this body part wanted more than physical fitness. It wanted to use walking as a method of releasing fear.

Marlene’s hypnotic journey continued as she saw a rabbit with another message about fear. Rabbit informs my client that, “It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks. You need to stay on your path.”

Marlene’s lower torso and butt also chime in with information about protecting her roots. They suggested that she plant trees around her home in order to feel that she’s home. (Marlene recently has moved)

The word “home” became a segue for recognizing the archangel Gabriel, standing behind her right shoulder. He’s showing her that she’s finally at the pot at the end of the rainbow.
Marlene’s armpits and chest chimed in next with a message about protection. She was told to, “Find my spots. Take my spots. Turn around in the house. And the rest of them must be pushed out.” (There was fighting within her family when she and her husband bought the family’s ranch).

When I asked her to bring in help, her dad showed up. His message was about his sad life and to remind Marlene that, “this is the rainbow. I don’t have to have a sad life anymore.”
Her dad is at peace, sitting at the top of the rainbow. He invited her to come up and then slide down. He wanted her to learn to play more.

Next, Marlene’s stomach said that it had been protecting the solar plexus and requested more water. Stomach helped her to send a message to her siblings that she can do this herself.
Neck spoke up asking Marlene to “chill out.” It suggested walking and swinging her arms along with working in the dirt. (Marlene is an avid gardener).

The right hand and wrist, said it keeps going numb because she needed to open up to receive. She was able to imagine herself receiving, enjoying her home, living at the pot at the end of the rainbow surrounded by sunflowers turning their faces toward the source, the light. Walking, letting her arms swing, digging in the dirt. I suggested that she open that place within her that had been closed to receiving, open that door, let it all in.

Marlene acknowledge that she really hadn’t been living. But now she was eager to breathe in joy and happiness, fun and frolic. She could feel every part of her body responding. Even the imagining all those things that were coming in created a sense of peace and wholeness, completeness, comfort in her body.

We thanked those body parts, Gabriel and her Dad for the wealth of information. She recognized the immense support available to her.

In the closing piece I addressed all the body parts that had contributed to Marlene’s session. I let them know that if they had information for Marlene they could help her to remember again how to have fun and to receive, how to be stable and comfortable, accepting the gold at the end of that rainbow.

I reminded the body parts that Marlene was open and easy to reach: In the shower as she awakens in the morning, drinking that first cup of coffee, on those walks, driving in the car. Just a whole myriad of times and places where they could can easily get her attention. Marlene agreed to take action when her body had an important message for her.
During the post session discussion Marlene used the word “amazing” a few times and felt that she had let go of a lot of baggage.

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Katherine Zimmerman is an internationally-known author and speaker, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and EFT Practitioner with a private practice. She is the Director of the California Hypnotherapy Academy offering CE courses and an independent study program. Since 1989, she has taught classes on self-hypnosis, EFT, and other related subjects, along with doing presentations on hypnotherapy at professional conferences nationwide.

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