Coaching for Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists

My Hypnotherapist Coaching Program offers support for practicing hypnotherapists/new graduates who need LIVE support (one-on-one or group) as they begin their practices. This program is open to graduates of all hypnotherapy or hypnosis certification training programs.


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Hello, my name is Katherine Zimmerman, CHT. I’m the Director of the California Hypnotherapy Academy. I have been training hypnotherapists at international conferences since 1994 and teaching hypnotherapy since 1999. I really am gratified by the success of my graduates. While I do offer ongoing phone support for all my CHA graduates, for some graduates that’s not quite enough.

I see now that many hypnotherapists are completing their training online and are anxious about working with their first clients. Even graduates of schools that provide classroom training often lack the confidence to start working with clients.

Although many move through their fears and work with their first client outside of class things still don’t go as planned. They aren’t satisfied with the quality of their work or the level of success that their clients are experiencing. So what do they do? Frequently, they stop right there. No more clients. Their hypnotherapy practice never gets off the ground and they feel as if they have failed. And right now the world needs more people helping people.

There is a solution!
I am available for one-on-one or group coaching. Whether you need help setting up your business or working with your clients, I bring almost 25 years of private practice and business experience.

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How you benefit:

  • Earn CE contact hours
  • Increase your income
  • Expand your practice
  • 15% discount on any of my products while you are in the program

Earn 1 CE hour for every hour of coaching. You will receive a certificate at the end of our work together.

The sessions with you always exceed my expectations. I would certainly recommend this option to anyone who is desirous of honing skills and acquiring new approaches to expanding the quality and scope of their practice. Kind regards, Lucinda Balgooyen, CHT
I suspect that you really do not know how much I appreciate your precious time that you set aside to mentor me in this business. I want to thank you again for all your insights and the experiences you have shared with me these past weeks. All of it works to make me a better therapist and this will benefit my clients. Mike Norton, CHT

Thank you again for hosting a WONDERFUL educational experience. It was intimate, educational, and very practical and applicable. Also, as a single woman beginning my business in this arena – following my passion and having faith that it will pay off, it was VERY encouraging to be mentored by two beautiful women who are fully self-supporting through their hypnotherapy practice. It is possible! Thank you. Rebekka Earnshaw, CHT

Hypnotherapy is an incredibly satisfying and rewarding career, emotionally as well as financially. I have colleagues who are making a 6-figure income. A full-time practice which I define as 15 clients per week, can generate an income of $96K or more with an average session fee of $125/hour. That fee excludes any group sessions and product sales. Group sessions can be very lucrative. For example, a 5 hour class with 10 students can bring in $1,250. With back of the room sales, that figure may double.

I know from experience that even those with a classroom education may find it difficult to conduct sessions outside of that supervised environment. Many of my graduates studied in order to have a retirement career. Once they retire they may need coaching to get back the skills that they have temporarily set aside.

Before you get discouraged and give up, contact me. I’m here to help.

Private coaching

By the hour: I offer one-on-one phone or Skype private mentoring. $130/hour. 30 minutes for $75 and 45 minutes for $110. (30 minute minimum) 15% discount on my products during the coaching.

Package prices: 5 hours one-on-one is only $550.00 ($110/hour) 15% discount on my products during the coaching.
If you have recorded or video taped your session, I am also available to review your session and provide feedback. I critique every aspect of the session as kindly and honestly as possible. You get the kind of one-on-one attention that can make a critical difference to your overall long term success.

What I recommend

Before scheduling a Hypnotherapist Coaching session, I recommend you that handle your first client or two on your own. You may be off to a great start and frankly not need coaching. Why invest your funds if it’s not necessary?

On the other hand, if you find that you are continually delaying the scheduling of that first client and you want me along for support, that’s fine. I can provide you with suggestions on how to maximize your success with this first client before the session begins and evaluate and assist you.

Who should consider this:

If you are really committed to doing this work, and for whatever reason it’s just not coming together for you-clients aren’t coming back for the second session or they’re reporting no success after the first session or two, or you’ve run out of ideas with a current client.

Just like your training, coaching is an investment in yourself. Consider hiring the hypnotherapy coach who’s been working successfully in the field of Hypnotherapy as the Director of the California Hypnotherapy Academy, practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist, author and speaker since 1989.

This program is designed to support new hypnotherapists as well as those who trained years ago and who need some extra support as they begin their practice years later, and for practicing Hypnotists or Hypnotherapists who are encountering some difficulties as they begin to practice.

For some, this is a serious financial commitment and it would be unusual if you didn’t want to talk with me first, so I encourage you to contact me at  619-710-9583  or

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