PTSD Home Study Course

Unwinding and Releasing Aspects of PTSD Using Hypnotherapy and NLP



by Joan Courtney

10 CE hours  

PTSD is fast becoming a buzzword these days, not just in therapeutic settings but in our everyday lives.

  • Just what is PTSD?
  • What are the reasons causing this condition?
  • How do you as a hypnotherapist identify when someone has this malady?
  • What specifically do you do then?

Learn solid techniques for working with your PTSD clients, helping them to return to a positive way of life.

Course Description
You will easily learn techniques developed and practiced over 10 years of experience to use with your clients having symptoms of PTSD. Each process presented is explored and demonstrated. Background for use in military and civilian situations is also provided. This course is practical and hands-on, preparing you to have tools to immediately apply in your sessions. Your CE certificate will be awarded once your practice log of two client sessions has been reviewed and your examination graded.

In this training you will learn about:

  • What PTSD is and is not
    • Behavioral areas of PTSD
    • Possible traumas and stressors
    • Developing objectives
    • Pacing and timing your sessions for the best outcome
    • The differences between guilt, grief, regret/remorse
    • Forgiveness and its role in healing PTSD
    • Characteristics of dissociation
    • How to moderate relapses
    • Developing resilience
    • 17 practical NLP processes and hypnotherapy scripts
    • Rapport building techniques

Included in your course:

  • One DVD of process demonstrations: Six-Step Reframe, Map Across, Resolving Grief, Reverse Spinning, Letting Go of Regret, Letting Go of Anger, Release of Worry, Phobia Model, Gestalt Technique and Integration of the Younger Self
  • One audio lecture CD, including three hypnotic demonstrations
  • 90-page workbook
  • Clear, precise descriptions of each process
  • Examination
  • Student practice log


Joan Courtney is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. She’s certified by four major national hypnotherapy associations and is also certified in advanced NLP training. Having over 25 years of experience in this field, Joan specializes in clinical and medical aspects of hypnosis and is affiliated with and referred clients by healthcare professionals, other alternative healthcare practitioners as well as satisfied clients. Throughout her practice, she has worked with veterans and others affected by symptoms of PTSD related to fire, earthquakes and physical/sexual abuse. In addition to small group work and speaking engagements, she teaches classes at Northland Pioneer College (NPC).

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