Cutting Cords DVD

Cutting Cords

It’s natural to create an energetic connection to others. We cord to friends, siblings, parents, children, habits, emotional patterns, addictive substances, belief systems, money, ways of life and so on. While it’s natural, it’s not in anyone’s best interest. Cords to and from others drain their energy and ours. Without those cords people can again take responsibility for their lives. They can use their energy for their own growth and unfoldment. Cutting cords enhances our relationships and brings more joy into our lives. Cords exist by unconscious permission of both parties. Fortunately it takes only one party to terminate the connection.

For the most part, cords to very young children are appropriate and assist us in meeting their needs. However, sometimes even cords to and from our children need to be cut. A colleague, Marsha, tells a story of her teenage daughter who had run away from home. Marsha was worried sick. Someone suggested that she cut the cord from her daughter. Within two hours of cutting the cord her daughter was suddenly ready to come home. The daughter had been using Marsha’s energy to feel okay out on the street.

We cord to people with whom we are in relationships. And, when the relationship ends, we often remain corded, keeping us tied to that person energetically. It can be a factor in why it’s sometimes so hard to let someone go.

In this demonstration with Nicole you will see that she continues feeling love after cutting cords with several people with whom she is in relationship.

Cutting cords is helpful withcutting cords

• Smoking cessation
• Weight reduction
• Relationship issues
• Habits
• Beliefs and much more

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While nothing replaces in-person classroom training, you can polish your techniques by studying other people’s styles. With our DVD series you can now improve your skills in the comfort of your own home.

Katherine Zimmerman is the Founder of the California Hypnotherapy Academy and has been in private practice since 1989. A prolific author, Katherine’s work includes Hypnotherapy Scripts, Volumes 1, 2 and 3, Hypnosis in Action: Verbatim Case Histories Using Parts Therapy, EFT and Other Powerful Modalities, Business Solutions and six instructor’s manuals.

1 CE hour for hypnotherapists
Format: DVD, 51 minutes


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