Past Life Regression Demo DVD

Past Life Regression Demonstration DVD

There are time when nothing in their current life solves a clients’ problem. And when directed to go as far back as they need to go, clients find themselves in an apparent past life scene. These clients do not necessarily have a belief in reincarnation but their subconscious mind has been asked to show them the initial past life regressionevent and it does as its directed.

If you have been trained in past life regression this DVD will be a great way to polish your techniques by studying other people’s styles. With our DVD series you can now improve your skills in the comfort of your own home.

Gifts and talents that we have exhibited in the past can be brought into a current life. Paula’s goal for her session was to identify her gifts from the past that she could use in this lifetime. She was looking for something to help her take action in her current life. Since her session she has begun to move forward so that she can “give her gifts to the world” which she failed to do in the past life that she visited.

1 CE hour

Format: DVD, 57 minutes


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