Self Hypnosis Instructor’s Manual

Self Hypnosis Instructor’s Manual

For Teens and Adults

Self Hypnosis Instructor's Manual5 CE hours for hypnotherapists included

This 5-hour workshop covers lecture material about hypnosis and the power of the mind, dispelling the myths, benefits of hypnosis, physiological sensations, discussion of goals, writing suggestions, trance scripts (for use in class or to record CDs and mp3s for your students), handouts ready to copy, information about advertising, where to teach, tips for making recordings and a resource page. Advertise and you are ready to teach.

This field-tested curriculum will be immediately useful in increasing your income. Why reinvent the wheel? This manual contains everything that you need to teach the class: word for word lecture, handouts, scripts, information about tapes and CDs, advertising and much more.
This manual includes an exclusive License to Record the scripts for students and for commercial sale as well as an exclusive License to Copy the handouts.
Whether you are just starting your practice or are looking for new avenues of income, teaching opens doors. It is an easy way to become known in your community and increase your private clientele. Many people begin to open up during the class and move from there to private sessions. This workshop definitely opens doors for my students. It is sometimes very dramatic and always a rewarding process.
From a purely practical standpoint, teaching provides a good income. For example, you can easily charge $125 for this 5 hour class. This workshop is designed to be taught in two 2½ hour sessions. At $125/student x 10 students your income for that 5 hours is $1,250. I recom-mend that you limit the size of your class to 10-15 in order to ensure a quality experience for each student. You will be amply rewarded in referrals of new students and private clients.

Initial earning potential: $1,250 (based on 10 students)

“I have just finished teaching your Self Hypnosis class to teenagers and am one week into teaching it in an adult class. I am having a great time,… and I have several referrals for private sessions. Thank you for your great manual.” – Vie Knouse, CHT

 “I love your work! The self hypnosis class has really taken off.”
Karla Hermann, CHT

“I can highly recommend your manuals as I have most of them! …they are well worth getting.”  Barry Neale, CHT, UK

“The classes are brilliant – great way of getting new clients!” Andy Canning, CHT, UK


Table of Contents

Session one
Pre-talk about what to expect from hypnosis
Group Hypnosis Session
Goals Using Hypnosis

Session two
Acupressure techniques
Additional deepeners
Guidelines for writing successful suggestions
Group Hypnosis Session

Handouts (two sets: teens and adults)

  • Guide to Self Hypnosis
  • Guidelines for Writing Successful Suggestions
  • Sample Suggestions
  • Headache Remedy
  • Relaxation Exercises
  • Evaluation Form


  • Expanding Light Meditation
  • Progressive Relaxation Induction
  • Suggestions for Attaining Goals

Sample flyers (4)
Tips for Recording CDs & MP3s
Sample CD flyer
Where to Teach
The Presentation
Sample Outline for a Sponsoring Organization
Ad copy for Sponsoring Organization
Sample: Customized Class Proposal


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