Hypnotherapy Training – 2020 Catalog

Integrative Hypnotherapy

California Hypnotherapy Academy

Katherine Zimmerman, Founder/Director

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Thanks to the internet, you are no longer limited in where you receive your hypnotherapy training. If you are local, we offer small classes near San Diego. If you live in another part of the state or country, the partially independent program may best fit your needs. The 200 hour program includes demonstration videos, manuals, e-books, audio lecture mp3 files and 130+ hours of small group study. Hypnotherapy is learned best from the inside out. With this training you have the opportunity to have supervised practice as well as heal some of your own issues.

Level 3 courses are either in person or home study. If have been  trained but need CE hours, click here for our home study courses.  Then click on CE Courses.

The California Hypnotherapy Academy is dedicated to providing high quality professional training in hypnotherapy. Our 200 hour program prepares you to open a private practice. An advanced level is available to deepen your experience in working with clients.

You can learn Integrative Hypnotherapy
There is great satisfaction in being part of a helping profession. Through lecture, live demonstrations and supervised in-class practice, you will learn skills that will change your life and the lives of those you help. If you have a sincere desire to help others, this hypnotherapy training course is for you!

While many people take this training for personal development, professionals are adding hypnotherapy to their current careers, e.g. licensed counselors, doctors, nurses, and massage therapists. This training integrates well with most other modalities.

Courses at the California Hypnotherapy Academy are open to members of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE).  The ACHE has a category for non-certified Student Membership. Student Members must have a sponsoring school because Student Membership is limited to persons who are enrolled or preparing to enroll in an ACHE-approved school. This membership is valid for up to two years. Like Certified ACHE members, Student Members are eligible to receive the ACHE newsletters as part of their membership and to receive the discount to ACHE Conferences. To maintain ACHE membership, within two years a student member needs to successfully graduate from an ACHE-approved school and apply for certification via the ACHE application form. Until the student becomes certified, if the student advertises ACHE membership he/she must clearly state being a “Student Member” with no reference to certification. The fee for Student Membership is $25 and is included in your tuition. Click here for additional information about the ACHE:

Here’s what you will receive with your enrollment and course completion:

•   Manuals for each course                 •   Audio lecture mp3 files (CDs $200 extra)
•   Internship opportunities                   •   Demonstration videos
•   Supervised hands-on training          •   Specialized training courses available
•   Small group study                            •   Client referrals upon graduation

Benefits of this program

  • 130+ hours of instruction for the  200 hour program
  • Well trained, experienced instructor
  • Reasonable tuition
  • Continuing education units for hypnotherapists
  • Qualify to be certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

You’ll learn innovative hypnotherapy techniques

•    How to use hypnosis to alter unwanted habits such as cigarette smoking or overeating
•    How to catapult basic motivation into a powerful desire to change
•    How to tap your intuition to facilitate change for your clients
•    How to write effective suggestions
•    How to make hypnosis recordings to reinforce the changes
•    How to listen with your heart and be fully present
•    How to clear issues from your own so that you may assist others
•    How hypnosis will change your life

Ready to register? Contact me for a brief phone or in person interview.

Questions? Contact Katherine Zimmerman at 619-710-9583
info@trancetime.com  •  www.trancetime.com

Payment Plan available.

Testimonials from Katherine’s former hypnotherapy students:

“Studying in the Independent program has been a double-blessing – not only do I get the flexibility of fitting the training around my schedule but I also get the opportunity for one-on-one instruction with a master teacher in the hypnotherapy field. Katherine is extremely thorough and extremely professional and I feel like I am getting the depth of training necessary to adequately prepare me to be a confident and successful hypnotherapy practitioner.”    Nicki Parr, M.A., CHT

“I’ve completely enjoyed Katherine’s classes. The simplicity and still very effective techniques I’ve learned from her, helped me to have a deeper understanding of the value of Hypnotherapy. Katherine’s teaching style is enriched by her knowledge and many year of experience in this field. I recommend Katherine’s classes to anyone who is seriously committed to become a Hypnotherapist”. Mariscela Alvarez, CHT

“Katherine is a wonderful teacher and her course is outstanding at every level. Her teaching style is hands on and the classes are very participatory. Students begin practicing hypnosis during the very first weekend class. Katherine’s style is to discuss a technique (and she teaches many), then demonstrate it with one of the students. After that, the students begin practicing it on each other, under her close observation. Within a week of my first class, I was successfully using the techniques she taught us with my own clients. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. What I thought would be just another tool in my therapeutic toolbox, has become one of my primary tools. I wholeheartedly recommend Katherine and The California Hypnotherapy Academy to anyone interested in learning more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.”     Ray Brown, PhD, LMFT, CCHT

“You are one of the best instructors I have ever had. You are organized and present the material in a professional manner. Your instructions are easy to follow and you are patient with the class. It’s obvious that you enjoy what you are doing and love hypnotherapy. This course has offered me growth – I could never figure out ‘what I was supposed to be doing’, but I’ve found it now.  Too bad I didn’t figure this out sooner – but it’s not about the quantity of time, it’s quality… So, I will go forth and do good things and always be very grateful for the good training I received from you.”     Kathleen Spring, CHT

From a former student to a prospective student:
“I was on the fence when I first started really contemplating making the commitment to complete the training as it is time consuming and it does cost money. But I do have to say, the investment I made in taking her classes is one of the best things I have done to improve my work with others as well as for myself.
…working with clients in any capacity, whether it be for the county, private practice, group home, psych hospital, school based, etc….. the most important thing is to be able to not only build rapport and stabilize the patient or client, but to really use your skills in the most effective way to be the catalyst for change and help the client feel safe enough to make the changes they need to live a more happy and healthy life – to feel empowered enough to even take the first step..
I truly thought I had a lot of skills to help clients; …and I have to say that with all the training, education and experience I had, attending the classes for hypnotherapy opened a entire new way of learning how to both take care of myself but more importantly to help facilitate change in my clients from a very different theoretical perspective. Since I have graduated, I have been able to join other therapists and have been thriving in private practice using many modalities, including CBT, humanistic, behavior modification as well as incorporating the strategies and techniques learned in hypno class. I never would have believed that I could be successful in private practice to the point where I am now turning clients away due to not having time in the day to see all of the new referrals.
Katherine is awesome and has been very helpful in helping me see that I cannot lead client’s down paths where I have not been willing to go myself. And I have to say, I have grown significantly both in my skills and confidence levels from taking that initial risk to commit to completing the courses.
I truly hope you take that risk. You will be amazed at the outcome…”    Karen Cisneros, MFT, CHT

“Katherine is a clear communicator and a wonderful teacher. She brings presence, aliveness, and heart to her work. The material she teaches is transformative. I highly recommend her.”
Stewart Mintzner, CHT

“Being taught Hypnotherapy by Katherine Zimmerman was enlightening to say the least. Her method of teaching was fun and yet very business oriented at the same time. She is very approachable and caring of all her students. She is one of my favorite teachers and a great asset in any field of her choosing. I thank her for the great strides I made with my own issues. I would recommend Katherine Zimmerman to anyone who desires to go into Hypnotherapy.” Maureen “Martie” Johnson, CCHT, Spiritual Counselor

“Thank you Katherine, I thoroughly enjoyed your [EFT] class. You did a brilliant job of organizing and presenting your material in an easy to understand format that allowed me to experience the benefits of EFT… I will incorporate this powerful technology into my practice and personal life with deep appreciation for your profound contribution to my life skills…”     Jesse Dean, CHT

“Your style is unique in that you have a way of ‘becoming one’ with the students you teach. You integrate yourself so well that one feels they are listening and responding to a good friend who knows and understands their problems. You begin helping them overcome obstacles, and reach beyond themselves as soon as you start talking. Your unshakable self confidence envelops the student creating the necessary atmosphere in which to grow and learn. As I observed this remarkable teaching skill, respect and admiration have only grown since I first sat in your class.
“You have an exceptional ability to enable people to understand the basics – ‘you have a choice’ – and ‘you have the answers within you.’ By conveying this realization with humor the walls of resistance dissolve and one finds that learning in your class is an experience. I’ve always looked forward to your classes with great anticipation, as I know I’ll enjoy them and will learn something new.”
Mary A. Caldwell, CHT

The Instructor:
Katherine Zimmerman, the main instructor for the course, is an internationally-known author and speaker, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and EFT Practitioner. In practice since 1989, she has taught classes on self-hypnosis, EFT, and other related subjects, along with doing presentations on hypnotherapy at professional conferences nationwide.
Katherine is a former guest instructor for northern California hypnotherapy school and a regular hypnotherapy instructor since 2003. She is a former guest lecturer for the University of California, Davis Family Nurse Practitioner program. A prolific writer, Katherine’s published works include Business Solutions; Hypnotherapy Scripts Volumes 1-5; and a series of Instructor’s Manuals.

Click here for a listing of Katherine’s books: http://trancetime.com/store/books-for-hypnotherapists/