Saying ‘Yes’ to God

Years ago, our Unity minister spoke about his friend who is a Rabbi. In answer to a question about his prayer life, the Rabbi said that he didn’t pray any more… he just says yes to God. I’ve thought about that a lot. I realize that I, too, have been saying yes to God.

Late one afternoon, a lady called with a request. Her elderly mother was in the hospital suffering from nausea. The doctors hadn’t found the cause nor had they been able to relieve it. She couldn’t return home until it was gone. She went on to tell me that her mother was ‘profoundly deaf” and blind. While “Jo Ann” is telling me about her mother and asking if I can help her, I’m busy thinking that I really don’t have time to book any new clients much less leave the office and travel to the hospital. I thought about referring her out. I wondered how I could possibly find time in my busy, already overloaded schedule to add another client. But I found that I was unable to turn down Jo Ann’s request. In fact, I heard myself offering to come to the hospital the very next day because I wanted her mother to feel better as soon as possible. That was me, saying yes to God.

I met Jo Ann and her mother “Dottie” when I arrived at the hospital the next day. I explained that I would do some EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for the nausea and then channel Reiki. Dottie, a Native American, was very open to complementary approaches and to my plan. Her nausea dropped from a 6 down to 2 in just a few rounds of tapping. Then I channeled Reiki. I was very moved when I laid one hand on Dottie’s shoulder and the other on her hand and felt her fingers curl around my hand, much like a trusting child. While I channeled the energy, I prayed for this lovely woman to be healed. After about 30 minutes I felt as if we were complete. Dottie was now very relaxed and sleepy. I suggested that she take a long nap and that she would feel wonderful when she awoke. I spoke to Jo Ann for a few more minutes before I left. She expressed that she’d felt drawn to my ad in the yellow pages even though she didn’t know anything about Reiki or hypnotherapy. I shared with her how I had resisted booking her mother, but was unable to say no. We agreed that God works in amazing ways.

Jo Ann called several hours later to let me know that when Dottie awoke from her nap she was feeling “100% better.” And that is God saying yes to us.

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