We Are Complex Creatures with Many Parts

Part therapy is an incredibly effective method for making permanent changes. In the session that follows you can see how the process unfolded for this client.

Having worked with this clients off and on for a couple of years I’m delighted to hear her positive progress. This session “Hazel” reported that her world had changed in the last few months. In our previous session her physical complaints had been reduced to about  20%. Now she could see that it was down to 5%. A wonderful improvement.

She had been feeling great emotionally and found it easier to stay at a higher vibration. On the other hand, her massage therapist said that her body was a wreck, leading her to ask the tension in her body, “what are you doing to me?”

She also noted that her confidence had improved a great deal. She now wanted to do big, lofty things. Since she was feeling less rigid, she found it easier to go with the flow and was no longer hung up on the outcome. Although she went into shut down briefly, she owned her power and pulled out of it quickly.

Hazel’s goal for this session was to find the cause of the tension, fluid retention and headaches. That last 5%.

Parts therapy seemed like an appropriate way to address this last piece that was holding her back.

Hazel invited in the part causing the physical symptoms and met Dragon. It’s job was to be a fiery protector. In fact, it was in charge of her identity. Since Dragon believed that people didn’t understand her, it kept her safe from their judgements by keeping her small. Small = safety. Dragon also said it made her body crooked, which in turn made her want to hide. Again, that kept her safe.parts therapy, hypnosis

Dragon benefited because it had a job and even though it knew Hazel was hurting physically, it reported that it was better for her emotionally.

In order to resolve her physical complaints, Hazel asked Dragon to support her by giving her wings to fly and a new form of protection. She asked Dragon to help her to be free to be the person she was created to be. Dragon quickly agreed.

When asked to be more specific Hazel requested increased energy from Dragon.
She desired comfort, an upright body that was balanced, and fully aligned. That was her equivalent to being grounded, connected, with free flowing energy. Hazel could feel the strength of Dragon. She easily imagined her heart being more open without a fear of being hurt. She knew that with Dragon’s help she would have the strength to deal with outcomes.

Negotiating with parts isn’t always this easy. But when a client is as ready for change as Hazel, it is amazing how seamlessly this process can unfold. I’ve also seen occasions when a part is truly tired of doing their job and will either happily take on a new job or, in one case, ask to retire.

It is what makes my job endlessly interesting.

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