The Biggest “Aha”

Who couldn’t benefit from an increase in confidence? This client has steadily been making progress as she clears out blocks from her childhood and accesses her core strengths. After six sessions she reported that she’d had a big “aha”: She had spent too many years sitting and doubting herself instead of taking action. She still felt that her self-talk was negative and she feared looking foolish.

Her goal for this session was to keep pushing herself and stop being so self-critical. As you will see, it all started in childhood.

Following the induction and deepener I asked her to locate the threads of the fear. She followed them back in time to an experience around age six when she had been punished by her mom and felt that it was unfair. The situation felt familiar so we continued going back.

She landed next around age five. Her mom yelled at her and she felt scared. Again, the experience felt familiar.

The next destination she visited was as a toddler, soon after she’d been adopted. Her toddler self reported that she “doesn’t like her [mom].” This time she reported that the experience felt new.

Once we brought in her adult self to raise this toddler she described feeling safer. Since no one knew this toddler better than her adult self I asked if it would be all right to grow up again with her grown up self as her mom. She agreed. Starting with the toddler we walked our way back up through the years. We picked up the five and six year old, then stopped at seven to check in. She felt “more relaxed.” At 12 she felt “happier.”

By 21 she felt much less afraid and much more secure.

This client had already done quite a bit of counseling around her childhood issues and preferred to focus on the future rather than the past. Her next session involved focusing on what is possible using a Circle of Possibilities process. [to be included in Hypnotherapy Scripts, Vol. 5]

Here is an overview of how her sessions have unfolded.

Session #1 – Reframe & Anchor, Self-love process
Session #2 – Re-Vision (for spiritual connection)
Session #3 – Parts therapy – cheerleader parts
Session #4 – Past life regression
Session #5 – Future Life Progression
Session #6 – Metaphor – break through the wall of resistance
Session #7 – Age regression
Session #8 – Circle of possibilities

Some clients make great strides in very few sessions. They need hypnotherapy to finish the work they’ve been doing in other therapies or with their own self-reflection. Other clients find that a slow progression is a better fit. This client falls into the latter category and is quite pleased with her progress. She is now taking action and getting the results in new referrals.

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