Intuition & Spirituality CE Course

Intuition & Spirituality

10 CE hoursIntuit & Spirit Cov

CE certificate issued once your two practice sessions have been reviewed.

“Prayer is us talking to God; intuition is God talking to us.” Caroline Myss

Course description: Everyone has a sixth sense – that of intuition –  but because of daily demands on time, energy, and senses, we don’t use it as often as we could.

When we do use our intuition, life flows more easily. We know when to remind a client of their appointment, ensuring that they will show up. The exercises in this course will help you to intuit which way to guide a hypnotherapy session to help the client achieve a profound outcome.When we allowing ourselves to be divinely guided there is less effort and clients are much more successful in achieving their goals.

Cultivate the Spirit Within falls into the same realm. It is easy to be caught up in rushing through life. But when we learn how to connect more fully, we realize that we are being divinely guided.

This powerful home study course will set you onto or further along the path to being Divinely guided in your personal and professional life. Your course includes 4 audio lecture CDs, a 37 page manual, scripts, hypnosis CDs

“…Intelligence, insight and creativity all rolled into this dynamic package. And I love that you shared some of the challenges in your life and career that you have overcome. My clients will absolutely benefit from your teaching.”  Elaine Rachal, CHT

Pre-requisite: none
Expand Your Intuition

    •     Protection and Chakra Balancing Meditation
    •     Define psychic ability and intuition
    •     Opening Exercise
    •     Characteristics of True and False Guidance
    •     Clairvoyance
    •         Exercise: Open Your Third Eye
    •         Exercise: Spiritual Vision
    •     Clairaudience
    •         Clear your Ear Chakras
    •         Clairaudience – Exercise 1
    •         Clairaudience – Exercise 2
    •     Clairsentience
    •         How to Protect Yourself
    •         Clairsentience Exercise
    •     Claircognizance
    •         Claircognizance Exercise 1
    •         Claircognizant Exercise 2
    •     Trust Your Intuition CD

Cultivate the Spirit Within

  •     Religious differences?
  •     The Circuit Clearing Breath
  •     Why Meditation Works
  •         “Reverse Meditation.”
  •     Connecting with your Higher Self Script and CD
  •     Processes to Heal and Resolve Differences
  •     Connect with the Divine Presence Process
  •     Gratitude
  •     Yoga Nidra  (CD)
  •     Prayers to Share
  •     Appendix
  •     Student Practice Log


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Deluxe Edition

In addition to the material above, the Deluxe Edition includes a 60 minute session with the instructor to discuss problematic clients or for a personal session. Appointment in person, via Zoom or phone. A $130 value. 1 CE hour for hypnotherapists. Must be purchased with the course to qualify for discount.


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